Daudpur: Whose Village? – A Documentary

Daudpur: Whose village?

Second half of twentieth century have been considered a period of migration and border crossing. Four percent of world population remains in mobility. Lots of areas are witness to in-migration or out-migration. The voluntary and involuntary aspects of migration make it wide-ranging experience from exile to voluntary search for greener pastures. Operating pull and push factors makes nostalgia and homelessness integral part of the process of migration. In this process adaptability, acceptability, hybridity and longing for the lost familiarity provide space for interaction between host and the new settler. Similarly, it become space of interaction between home by-birth and home abroad. Most of the migrants suffer identity crisis of one or the other kind.

Punjab is a space, which has seen out-migration to Australia Europe, North America, Arabian and African countries as well as to other states of India, and in-migration from different states of India. Now Punjab is an interesting space where migrants, diaspora and natives negotiate their cultural, economic, emotional political and religious affiliations with the land.

This is a documentary that takes an internal and reflective look at the issue that make for headline news in the past few years: the status of migrants and associations of diaspora. While the Punjabi Diaspora often highlights how they are misrepresented abroad and they face issues of discrimination, what is the status of migrants in their home state?

The village explores the relationship of diaspora, migrant and native with reference of Daudpur, a village in district Ludhiana of eastern Punjab. This is an ongoing project.



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